Ferrari of Coffee

Mark Ferrari & roaster pic 2014Over the years, the legacy of my family has become synonymous with craftsmanship, quality and beauty. Recognized the world-over as unsurpassed perfection. As a second generation Italian-American I am extremely proud of my spirited heritage. Come with me as we explore together    my passion… my craft… Coffee!

KONA! Where it all began…
My story in coffee began in 1986 in the quaint little town of Holualoa, Hawaii (the heart of Kona Coffee Country). I was fascinated by the coffee industry and soon became determined to learn and develop the craft and art of coffee roasting.

My mentor (who is now in her 90’s) is considered the foremost Master Coffee Roaster in the Hawaiian Islands with over 60 years experience in coffee. And yes she is still roasting today! I guess you could say she was my Coffee Sensei. Of proud Japanese descent, she instilled in me a strict respect for coffee. Educating me on how labor intensive of a crop it is to produce.

There were no bells and whistles in the way she taught me to roast. During my 10-year tenor under her watchful and endearing eye, I was taught the intricate details of the art in the traditional style. Creating finished roasts that were incomparable. Like a seasoned master chef, she trained me to develop my senses to evaluate every stage of the roasting process.

After obtaining the title of Roast Master, my aspirations soon led me to discover other fine coffees from around the world. I am proud to present to you my signature collection, Mark Ferrari Specialty Coffees.


Mark Ferrari
President/Roast Master