Website Questions

Do I need a Paypal account to purchase coffee on your website? No, Mark Ferrari Specialty Coffees uses Paypal for credit card processing.  If you don’t have a Paypal account, just choose to pay with a credit card directly on our website instead of using Paypal.

Coffee Questions

Brewing the Perfect Pot in your drip maker: Grinding for drip: Make sure you grind coffee to a medium/fine grind. If you’ve purchased our coffees pre-ground. They are perfect for any drip maker. Drip Brewing Measurements: It is important to brew the coffee correctly. Weigh out 3 oz. ground.(equals about 1 level measuring cup) to brew 10-12 cups (a full pot).  Enjoy!

Make Refreshing Iced Coffee: Use your drip coffee maker! Fill reservoir half full (6) cups of water. Fill carafe with ice cubes. Measure (10) level tablespoons of coffee and brew. When finished, remove from heat source and serve. Add milk/cream and sweetener to your liking. Enjoy!

Storage: Newest studies find that storing coffee in the fridge or freezer may cause water vapor to form in the bag thus accelerating the staling process. Best way to store is (if unopened) simply leave in your cupboard. Once opened just reseal down tight with re-sealable tape provided. You can also place bag into a ziplock bag or airtight container for extra measures. Once sealed, just leave on your counter or cupboard at room temp. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Why are coffee bags sometimes puffy? Our bags are puffy for a reason… Fresh roasted coffees naturally outgas. We roast our coffees and immediately package them! It’s a natural occurrence for our bags to puff up. There is a one-way valve on the front of each bag that lets the natural coffee gases escape without letting air back in. Larger commercial brands often vacuum pack their coffees in order to warehouse them for long periods before they even hit the store shelves. So when you get a bag of our artisan-roasted coffee. Squeeze it and indulge in its fresh roasted aroma. Enjoy!