Oshkosh Roastery

Coffee Speaks!
Why do our coffees taste so good? We know coffee from the farm to the cup. Besides starting off with premium specialty coffees from around the world. I have more than 28 years coffee roasting experience. During the roasting process I have honed in my senses. No roast is ever exactly alike. Over the years, I have become proficient at letting the coffee tell me when it’s reached its peak of perfection. I always have a vision of where the roast needs to be beforehand. Once I’m there I know it! There is no exact science or time measurements to fully depend on. You must understand the rapidly changing composition of coffee during the roasting process and know the signals that the coffee is telling you as it progresses through this process. Roasts can change day to day based on a range of variables like weather conditions, moisture content in the raw bean, the size of the roast, the first roast of the day compared to consecutive roasts as the machine continues to build up ambient heat and more.  But one constant remains to those few who truly understand the complexity of the roasting process…
Coffee speaks revealing rapidly changing hints, that when interpreted correctly indicate when it’s absolutely roasted to perfection!

Mark Ferrari
President/Roast Master

Roastery Fresh!
Similar to fine wines each coffee variety possesses its own unique regional characteristics. The flavor of each coffee is determined by the climate in which it’s grown and the accuracy and consistency of each desired roast. Our extensive experience in coffee roasting enables us to achieve the full dynamic potential of every roast. Each batch is slowly roasted to perfection, creating an incredible depth of flavor and aroma. To ensure ultimate freshness our coffees are custom roasted in small batches and delivered Roastery Fresh! A difference you will happily notice.


The Roasting Process
The extreme heat of roasting triggers complex chemical reactions within the coffee beans. After about five minutes in the roaster most of the moisture has evaporated, the beans swell and turn a harvest golden color radiating a grassy fragrance. At about seven minutes “FIRST POP” occurs.  This crackling sound dominates the air as gases escape from the coffee in the intense heat while the beans double in size taking on a pale brown color. As the beans continue to darken to a richer brown color, the sugars and starches begin to transform into the natural oils that give coffee its rich flavor and aroma. The longer and darker the beans are roasted, the more these oils develop. After a few more minutes “SECOND POP” occurs signaling the coffee is close to perfection. At this point, the beans’ color and size continue to change very quickly. Every passing second develops the coffee’s flavor profile as our roasting process unlocks the subtle characteristics of each individual bean. At about fifteen minutes the smoking coffee beans are then spilled into a cooling tray, fresh cool air is quickly circulated through finishing our roasting process.  As the beans cool to room temperature a deep rich aroma fills the air indicating another perfect batch of Mark Ferrari Specialty Coffees.