I met Mark Ferrari as he was displaying his Coffee at Costco. Of course, I thought, yep it’s just another coffee vendor. I tried a couple samples and was intrigued. His Dark Roast was not bitter or overly strong. I bought a Bag of Dark Roast, A Bag of Kona and a Bag of Estate. We put the bags in the freezer and I forgot they were there…… Anyway, we ran out of the Beans we normally buy and we ground some of the Dark Roast this Morning and I swear it was the best cup of coffee I have had since moving to Phoenix in 1989. And I normally don’t like Dark Roasts, at all !!  It was smooth and delicious, with an aftertaste that I can only describe as a request to have another cup! I also found that he roasts his Coffee just around the corner from my house. (Although the business resides in Scottsdale). This is the good stuff. I’m not trying to sell anything, it was just THAT good.
Phoenix AZ

Hello! My Name is Pamela and I want to thank Mark Ferrari for making the best coffee I have tasted in a long time. I bought it at a store in my area. I have traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe.  Your coffee is the BEST, EXCELLENT, WONDERFUL,  mmmm Good.  Thank you for taking the time to Blend the PERFECT coffee ever. Keep up the good work!
Coffee lover,
New York, NY

Hi Mark,
I was pleased to meet you in the coffee aisle at AJ’s,  just before Christmas. When you introduced yourself, and I saw you industriously stocking shelves, conducting a little customer research, and seeming to enjoy it all, I knew your coffee was likely to be good. In fact, your coffees greatly exceeded my expectations. You use the phrase, “Roastery Fresh! A difference you will happily notice.” It is sure true. Amazingly and surprisingly true. What a difference compared with other brands I have tried and repurchased. And while the best flavor of other brands seems to fade well before I finish the bag, your coffees are still performing at peak here in January. You suggested your Dark Roast and Crème Brulee at AJ‘s. I thought Crème Brulee would, in fact, be too sweet for more than a cup of two. But wow! What a flavor. What legs. My holiday guests and I have especially enjoyed it. After discovering how good those two flavors are, I went back for Hazelnut Supreme. Best wishes Mark!
Phoenix, AZ

I just wanted to compliment you on the coffee product my wife and I enjoy every morning. Our favorite flavor is Hazelnut. Continued success!!!
Phoenix, AZ

I don’t drink coffee myself, but like to serve good coffee in my home to my guests. They have all complimented your coffee more than others. So I always buy a few extra bags when you’re at Costco and send them on to friends who have had me as a guest or done something nice for me. Such a great thank-you gift! Thanks for making great coffee!
Orange County, CA

Mark, I purchased a bag of your hazelnut supreme decaf ground and my office absolutely loved it. I work here in the Phoenix area and would like to order coffee in for the office. We can’t drink anything else! Thank you.
Phoenix, AZ

Mark, I have been a huge fan of your coffee for the past several years. IN the past I have found your beans at our local department stores. When I find them in stock I will usually buy every bag on the shelf. I would love to find more of this heaven in a bag but cannot seem to find it anywhere. Please help!
P.T. 2: Thanks you sooo much for the prompt response. It’s  great coffee, in my opinion it is the best coffee in the world, and I will be buying some from the web site just to have on hand for when my local retailers are out. I love my coffee strong and black, almost espresso from the drip maker (no coffee pollution going on here!) your coffee has that strong, rich, bold flavor that I like. I will be canvassing all of the stores in my area and stocking up. The store clerks are always surprised when I purchase your entire inventory on the shelf! As a marketer by profession I understand that word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising and I really want your company to be successful so I do not have to go back to dull coffee so I promote your brand whenever the topic of coffee comes up, and I bring it up quite often! Keep up the great work! Thanks again for your time.
Plano, TX

I’m sure I purchased the bag of Mark Ferrari Specialty coffees we just finished (Estate Blend) at one of my local stores… Its the best coffee we’ve ever had!  We’d like to purchase more.. I realize I can order online (which I will) but I want to purchase a bag for tomorrows use…. Can you tell me what stores it’s in? Thanks.
Scottsdale, AZ

I just wanted to write you and drop a line to tell you that I am so very happy I have found your coffee at Costco- I had never had it before and a few months back I bought a bag to try…. I am in heaven, we are on our 4th bag easily by now and I have to ask if Costco is still stocking your coffee.  Last time I was there, there were only about 15 left on display (so of course, I stocked up and purchased as many as my debit card would allow).  Have not been to Costco since I purchased these so I thought I would ask AND let you know how much I enjoy your beans!  I am a very happy coffee drinker.
Phoenix, AZ